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« La Halte du Temps »
A charming 17th century guest house located in the department of the Haute-Garonne
“Let’s take the time to get to know each other…”
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In the 1990s, Marie-Andrée who inherited the house as the last descendant in the family, stepped off her boat on which she had been sailing the Mediterranean for five years.
She then rediscovered the history behind these ancient walls, the heartening patina of the furniture, the warmth of the wainscoting and the mystery of the fire-places, hidden according to the fashion of the time, which dictated whether or not they should be; she has now revived the past and likes to share with her guests the magical essence of the residence.
She has made a point of recovering the material, colours and patina best suited to the house and she knows how to communicate her liking of interior decorating and her love of Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana). When she offers her delicious meals made out of the best regional and seasonal produce, she certainly demonstrates that cooking is a pleasure that is to be shared.

Dominique (Faro)

After many sea voyages, with Isabelle Autissier in particular, after riding his bicycle over South East Asia and journeying in West Africa with his guitar in lieu of a passport, Dominique devoted his time to the craft of jewellery making by working with semi-precious stones, silver and glass. Later on, his passion for fine arts led him towards decorating, using trompe l’oeil technique and also the restoration and creation of frescoes in churches. His experience as a bee-keeper has allowed him to retain the secret recipe of a scrumptious gingerbread on which his guests feast.
His fascination with symbolism, alchemy and allegoric representations can be seen in the design of his current and quite unique works (paintings and bas-reliefs) to which he gives a special highlight by providing a finishing touch adding specific pigments.
Exhibition, on the theme of Morocco, was seen in Paris at the Institut du Monde Arabe February 9 to March 31, 2010.
La Halte du Temps – 72, rue Mage – 31310 Montesquieu-Volvestre – Tél. : 05 61 97 56 10 –
Webmaster Charles-Henri PLOQUIN – Photography by Philippe PLOQUIN et Françoise PEURIOT – Translation Marie-Françoise MUDRY SCARLETT