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« La Halte du Temps »
A charming 17th century guest house located in the department of the Haute-Garonne
The bedrooms
65 Euros, rate per night for a single person
78 Euros, rate per night for two people
An additional 20 Euros per bed, in the rooms fitted with extra bedding
Breakfast is included. It is served from 8am to 12am. It is a hearty meal with toasts or homemade brioche and Marie-Andrée’s own homemade jams, orange juice, fruit, yoghurts; eggs can also be ordered. Beverages on offer are coffee, chocolate and tea (an assortment of twelve different green teas or four black teas).
Meals are served only if previously booked at a cost of 25 Euros per person. They comprise:
A pre-dinner drink, starter, main course, meat or fish, served with vegetables, cheese and dessert, unlimited quantity of local wine, tea, coffee or herbal tea.

Foie gras
à la violette


Pastis gascon
La Halte du Temps – 72, rue Mage – 31310 Montesquieu-Volvestre – Tél. : 05 61 97 56 10 –
Webmaster Charles-Henri PLOQUIN – Photography by Philippe PLOQUIN et Françoise PEURIOT – Translation Marie-Françoise MUDRY SCARLETT