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« La Halte du Temps »
A charming 17th century guest house located in the department of the Haute-Garonne
“And what if time had been arrested….”
The Guest House
Within these premises full of past memories, lived the Marquis Simon de Loubère, a diplomat in the time of Louis XIV, then later the Marquis Bertand de Moleville, First Sea Lord under Louis XVI.
The decor, furniture and purpose of each room have changed somewhat through the years but the soul which inhabits the place has remained untouched.
First of all, one arrives at a small courtyard, set back from the road and guarded by two stone gargoyles, in the shape of a lion and an eagle. As we walk across it, we find ourselves plunging through four centuries of the history of France.
Here one can pass through time and then pause: Louis XIII in the amazing ‘Chambre du Marquis’ or in the ‘Chambre de la Marquise’, Louis XV in the ‘Chambre des Tisanes’(the herbal tea room), Louis XVI under the painted ceiling of the music room, Napoleon III in the ‘Chambre des Cardines’...

In the garden, completely fenced-in and shaded by trees, one is assured of a restful stay whilst lounging around the swimming-pool reserved for our guests
The pastel frieze of the ceiling in the music room bears witness to the antiquity of the mansion.

L’escalier Louis XIII

La salle à manger

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du jardin

La piscine
La piscine
et le jardin
Le sechoir à pastel
au fond du jardin
La Halte du Temps – 72, rue Mage – 31310 Montesquieu-Volvestre – Tél. : 05 61 97 56 10 –
Webmaster Charles-Henri PLOQUIN – Photography by Philippe PLOQUIN et Françoise PEURIOT – Translation Marie-Françoise MUDRY SCARLETT